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- - I'll never measure up. - -
- - I could never learn that. - -
- - People don't like me. - -

- - I'm not smart enough. - -

- - I'm not attractive enough. - -
- - Others are better than I am. - -
- - There's no use. - -

- - God hates me. - -
- - I'm too heavy. - -
- - I'm too old / too young. - -

- - My perspective doesn't matter. - -
- - I have no skills of value. - -

- - I'm a failure at relationships. - -
- - I don't have enough education. - -

- - I'm too short. - -

- - I'll never experience financial wealth. - -
- - I'll never be enough. - -

- - It'll never change for me. - -

That's a long, sad list. Sadder still is that any one of those statements (and 10,000 more like it) has the power to kill a dream before it's ever conceived.

From the Corporate CEO to the stay at home mom, disempowering statements like these take up residence in our subconscious minds and over time erode our confidence, self-worth, performance, and ultimately, our personal happiness.

Often referred to as Negative Self-Talk, The Internal Saboteur, and The Inner Game, they become the single most prevalent reason behind people choosing to abandon their goals and dreams in life. Temporary set-backs only reinforce the power of these faulty beliefs... and the spiral downward continues.

The good news is, there is a way to confront, combat, and conquer these dream killers.

Each month, we offer the INNER-GAME REBOOT to 10 new respondents. This is a free 45 minute, 1-on-1 coaching assessment, during which we will help you:

  • Identify disempowering patterns in your thinking

  • Identify specific beliefs which are fueling your negative inner-game

  • Develop a "next-step" action plan which allows you to REBOOT
    your INNER-GAME

  • Get on track to pursue the things you want most in life

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